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Reiki sessions
for body, mind, & spirit

Treat yourself to an in home Reiki treatment and invite in an experience with energy unlike any you have experienced elsewhere. This method of relaxation and stress relief is time honored, aids the body in its natural ability to heal, and requires only that you are open to experiencing the energy. 

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Crystal Reiki Therapy
For You & The Space Around you

Reiki charged stones are an amazing and beautiful way to increase the vibration within your home.  Energetically cleansing your space and adding pre-charged stones in specific areas around your home will promote a relaxing and healing space.  Crystal Reiki is also a powerful addition to your Reiki Session.

Energetic Counseling
Finding BAlance with life

For those looking to delve more deeply into understanding and working with the energies of life, counseling sessions addressing the energies within the Self, those placed within the body, as well as those we interact with daily can help bring about feelings of balance, peace and harmony.  


Relax. Revive.

In home Reiki treatments are a wonderful way to experience deep relaxation in the comfort of your own home.  With no need to immediately get into a car, or even see other people, receiving a treatment within your home adds to the overall relaxation.  You can move from your treatment right into your favorite chair.  Have a cup of tea. Or drift into a light sleep.  Allowing the relaxation to continue long after the session ends and deepening your revitalization.


Energize Serenity

Stones and crystals have been used in conjunction with healing and faith rituals for thousands of years.  The benefits of combining the natural vibration within the stones with the vibration of channeled divine energy can be profound.  Naturally beautiful, stones charged with intent placed within the home will energize your space.  Creating and holding a vibration that can be felt throughout any room in which they are placed.  The result is a serene environment that will naturally foster in peace, calm, and relaxation.


Explore Energy

Energy is all around us.  It is the food we feed our body.  The emotions we experience.  It drives our thoughts.  Is within every tangible object.  And even when in an unseen state, still exists and interacts with us daily. Exploring energy and the interactions of it with this life can lead to profound shifts in perception, in comprehending our own actions and thoughts, as well as those of others.  And as comprehension deepens, interacting with the world comes with greater ease, greater vision, and more peace.  For those seeking something more, energetic counseling offers an opportunity to explore.


You Deserve

With the stress of everyday life, you deserve every opportunity to experience new, pleasant, feel-good moments to bring balance to your body, mind, and spirit.  Any of the services offered by Melissa, whether booked one time, or repeated over time, offer you the opportunity to enhance the feel-good of life.  Dare to give yourself a nurturing experience that is so well deserved.


Be Curious. 

Be Open.

Inquire below with any questions you may have regarding Bodywork by Melissa.  Or, when you are ready, use the convenient online booking feature to schedule your appointment.