Small Touches Matter

In providing a Reiki session for you, Melissa wishes to create an environment that fosters deep relaxation.  She knows the more comfortable you are, the more profound your receiving of energy will be.  This comfort starts with offering services in your home.  Being in your own space means you can wear your favorite lounge wear without concern of needing to leave the building immediately after.  Instead you can choose to continue relaxing into the calm of your session well after the session ends.

Providing quality materials to surround you as you receive energy is important as well.  From the quality build of the massage table, the softness of the linens chosen, to using only doTERRA essential oils during your session, every detail of your session has been taken into consideration.  Creating comfort. Promoting relaxation.  Inviting in calm. And providing an amazing experience with energy.


With you in Mind

Deluxe Table Padding

Quality Linens

Soft Blankets

Supportive Bolsters For Leg Comfort

Soothing doTERRA Oils and Palo Santo

Cleansing Sage After Your Session

Enhanced Services Customized For You