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What Is Crystal Reiki Therapy?

Everyone has had the experience of walking into a room and being aware "something" just feels good about it.  That unseen "something" is the energy of the room.  Crystal Reiki creates that feel good sensation for your living space through the placement of stones and crystal charged with Reiki energy.  Stones used to treat your home are yours to keep, decorating your space with natural beauty while holding a vibration for you to enjoy over and over.  With the pace of life today, you deserve to come home to a space that feels good!

The same premise that can energize your space, also can be used during a Reiki session.  Stones and crystals can be added to your Reiki session to deepen your experience while receiving your Reiki treatment.  


Crystal Reiki Therapy

Energize Your Space

  • The space you choose, whether a room or your whole home, will be cleansed and given a blessing.
  • Reiki charged stones and crystals will be placed in specific areas of your room or home and left there for your continued enjoyment.
  • Crystals and stones will be intuitively chosen based on your intent for your space.
  • Crystal and stone specimens can be larger and decorative, or smaller and more discrete in their placement.
  • Your room or home will be left energized in a way that simply feels good to be in.


Life happens.  To all of us.  If life interrupts your ability to keep your appointment, please give Melissa as much advanced notice as possible.