Bodywork With Melissa

Why Energy?

Energy is not only attached to and within all that surrounds us, but is also within our bodies.  Our physical body is energy.  Our food is energy.  Emotions, thoughts, actions... all created by energy.  In being open to and curious about energy, you can begin to gradually shift your perception of life.  Comprehend events from not only your point of view, but from those of others involved as well.  And learn to be at ease with life, finding balance and harmony the deeper you explore.


Energetic Counseling

It Is All About Energy

  • Sessions are tailored to your goals.
  • Explore the energy within the body, mind, and emotions.
  • Learn how energy influences all of life.
  • Discover how to flow with the rhythms of energy cycles.
  • Find balance and harmony in the present.
  • Change your relationship to LIFE!


Life happens.  To all of us.  If life interrupts your ability to keep your appointment, please give Melissa as much advanced notice as possible.