In Her Words


"Learning about the energies of life, the cycles of them, and just how much it influences how we interact with our lives, our world, has been life changing for me. As my awareness grew, so too did my ability to find a balance within the ups and down life naturally brings. The beauty for me was that I could now incorporate the understanding surrounding energy into my personal faith base, into my spiritual practice. Being given the opportunity to not only be a guide for others in their understanding, but also be a channel for divine energy so that others may have the experience of it is truly humbling. I have used energetic understanding to aid my physical body (losing over 120 pounds), increased my awareness around emotions and energy transfer that has created deep healing surrounding childhood traumas, and have more harmony and balance in my daily life. I feel blessed to be able to channel Reiki energy for others."

~ Melissa

Melissa is a Reiki Master Teacher and Crystal Reiki Master Teacher.  While her certifications are based in the Usui Ryoho method of Reiki, Melissa came to study "lifeforce" energy while studying the practice and mysticism of yoga.  In doing energetic work on her own life and childhood traumas, Melissa was encouraged to explore the energies of life.  Studying the energy of the food she ate, energy meridians within the body, energetic transfer from one person to another, and even the vibrational frequencies emotions carry and how they can affect her mood, profoundly altered her life.  After receiving her first Reiki session, her experience was so profound, she earned her certification so she could share the same experience with others.


While Melissa chooses to address "energy" from a spiritual perspective for herself, considering it divine, it is not necessary for your views to be the same.  In fact, she finds beauty in each persons' experience of it being unique to them.  In order to experience and learn from Melissa's perspective, she uses terminology that can translate easily into your own beliefs.  Creating a new relationship with how you interact with life. 

For those seeking a Reiki Session rather than energetic counseling, read more on the experience Melissa creates for you during your session.